I-71 Corridor Study

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NOACA and ODOT partnered to investigate improvements on the operations of IR-71 corridor by reducing congestion and improving safety. Specifically examining the high-level need for one or more interchanges in the corridor to provide the most relief in terms of congestion to increase reliability and decrease vehicle emissions.


IR-71 Corridor Study - Northern and Southern Alternative Analysis (June 2017) - Phase one investigates improvements on the operations of the Interstate 71 corridor by implementing a comparative analysis for a set of selected construction alternatives.
 I-71_Corridor_November IR-71 Corridor Study - Boston Road Partial Interchange (November 2017) - Phase two analyzes alternatives for a partial interchange design at Boston Road and IR-71.
IR-71 Corridor Study - Boston Road Partial Interchange - Origin-Destination Analysis (January 2018) - Phase three identifies the origins or destinations of vehicular trips traveling through the proposed Boston partial interchange ramps during morning and afternoon peak periods.

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