Water Quality Strategic Plan

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Lake Erie Sunset

In December 2017, the NOACA Board adopted a Water Quality Strategic Plan that will help guide the work of NOACA’s water quality planning staff over the next five years. The Water Quality Strategic Plan includes goals, objectives and strategies that aligns NOACA’s water quality program with the agency’s vision.

In response to the water quality threats that persist within the region, NOACA staff collaborated with stakeholders and the public to develop the following goals of the Water Quality Strategic Plan:

  • Goal 1: Support Work to Restore and Protect Lake Erie and the Region’s Freshwater Assets
  • Goal 2: Promote Water’s Value as a Regional Driver of Economic Competitiveness
  • Goal 3: Identify and Inform Communities & Organizations about Regional Impacts of Local Water Infrastructure Decisions
  • Goal 4: Advance the Philosophy of “One Water” through NOACA’s 208 Planning Process
  • Goal 5: Within NOACA’s Internal Structure, Consider and Address Potential Water Quality Impacts of Transportation Projects 
 NOACA Water_Quality_StrategicPlan_Cover_Final   View the approved Water Quality Strategic Plan 
(Board Resolution No. 2017-046)