Transportation Asset Management

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Center Street BridgeRoadway infrastructure is the backbone of America’s transportation system, and maintaining it in a state of good repair is essential for all modes of transportation. Roads and bridges accommodate not only passenger and freight vehicles, they also accommodate buses, bicyclists and pedestrians. The transportation network supports the economy and directly affects the competitiveness of the nation and our region.

Over the years, the United States has built one of the world’s most extensive transportation systems, representing trillions of dollars of public investment. A well executed asset management plan is necessary to successfully manage the assets this investment represents.

Historically, asset management has been a critical, but underrepresented and underfunded element of the transportation planning process. Asset management is based on a simple, but powerful premise that agencies should consider the full life-cycle cost of their funding decisions and manage their assets accordingly. Learn more at the links below:

Transportation Asset Scope of Assets
Estimated Cost to Maintain 2013-2035
Roadways 3,000 miles of roadway
$4.2 billion
Bridges 3,000 bridges
$618 million

Five agencies    

2.1 million population

$848 million

NOACA has prepared Pavement Conditions and Scenario Reports for the region. These reports contain an assessment of the community’s federal-aid roadways. Access the reports from the links below: