State of Safety & Crash Analysis Reports

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Each year, the Regional Safety Program analyzes crash data from the previous five-year period to identify the “state of safety” for the transportation system in the region. The data and results from this analysis are organized into the State of Safety Report, which is updated annually and is posted to this webpage, in addition to being added to the NOACA GIS Portal.  (Previous versions of this report have been published under a different title and using different methodology; however, these reports are retained for historical reference.)

These reports indicate the safety performance of intersections and roadway segments throughout the region, and the results of the analysis are used to identify priority locations for potential safety improvements.  This task is crucial because safety performance is also considered when evaluating projects for addition to the TIP.  Further, the annual review of the trailing five-year’s crash data allows NOACA and its partners to track performance toward regional safety targets, both those to be reported to ODOT, and those to be tracked at the regional level as outlined in the TSAP.  The critical evaluation of these results will identify where greater effort is needed to achieve better results.

Links to the State of Safety Report and prior crash reports are provided below:

2009 Crash Report
(3.0 MB - December 2011)
Addendum II to the "Strategic Plan to Reduce Vehicle-Animal Accidents in Northeast Ohio"
(4.0 MB - May 2012)
Addendum I to "Strategic Plan to Reduce Vehicle-Animal Accidents in Northeast Ohio"
(1.28 MB - August 2010)
Strategic Plan to Reduce Vehicle-Animal Accidents in Northeast Ohio
(1.48 MB - June 2009)
Accident Characteristics and Intersection Accident Analysis
(4.2 MB - May 2009)