Operations & ITS Planning

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Operations Planning coordinates the development, implementation, and performance monitoring of regional demand and system management strategies that

  • Relieve congestion
  • Optimize infrastructure investments
  • Promote travel options, and
  • Improve air quality 

Its purpose is to facilitate sharing among partner agencies and provides an update of the regional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) architecture in order to comply with the federal standards.

ITS helps to improve safety, efficiency and mobility of ground transportation by collectively utilizing applications & technologies like electronic devices and , sensors, and communication. Click here for examples of ITS.

In 2010, NOACA and its partners collaborated on the most recent update of the regional ITS Architecture. Since then, the pace of integration of technology with transportation systems has accelerated, presenting a future full of opportunities for the region.

The ITS Architecture Comprehensive Update is expected to have the following outcomes:

  • Inform and update regional partners on the uses and benefits of ITS infrastructure
  • Identify existing and planned ITS improvements
  • Conduct an assessment of needs and wants by local and state agencies in the region
  • Update the NOACA region's ITS architecture to match the national ITS architecture to ensure federal funds can be used to fund locally-identified ITS needs
  • Develop a strategic plan that identifies and prioritizes potential future ITS improvement

Learn more about NOACA's Comprehensive ITS Architecture Update here.

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