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In late 2019, NOACA began the process of creating a new bicycle and pedestrian plan, called ACTIVATE. As with all of NOACA's projects, the planning process will include significant opportunity for public involvement to best determine the plan's objectives, needs and goals.

The first phase of this public involvement included a public survey, which closed on April 13, 2020. NOACA staff will use your feedback to ensure that ACTIVATE addresses the issues that affect you. We will be sharing the results of the survey in the plan.

Upcoming phases of the planning process are outlined as below:

ACTIVATE Ongoing Public Involvement Process
Public Survey
January - April 2020
Community Staff Survey
April/May 2020
Stakeholder Focus Groups
June 2020
Public Workshops
August 2020
Final Plan Showcase
December 2020
Obtaining feedback from the community at large to better understand challenges and issues related to bicycle and pedestrian travel

Understanding the baseline of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and policy at the local level

Opportunity to build support for ACTIVATE concepts and development of local tools Opportunity for the public to review and comment on draft ACTIVATE analysis and products Public release of the final plan