Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

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  • Improve the region’s transportation infrastructure
  • Make bicycling and walking safer and more convenient options
  • Provide connections to other modes of transportation, and allow for a healthier and more environmentally friendly way to get from here to there


In late 2019, NOACA began the process of creating a new bicycle and pedestrian plan, called ACTIVATE. This plan will provide a vision for increasing the use of bikeways and walkways for transportation and commuting and serving as a guide for future bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

Regional Bicycle Plan

NOACA's 2013 Regional Bicycle Plan provides a vision for increasing the use of bicycles for transportation and commuting; serves as a guide for developing bicycle infrastructure; and includes a priority bikeway system that shows where bikeway facilities should be built.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts

With the generous help of volunteers, NOACA conducts annual bicycle and pedestrian counts throughout Northeast Ohio in May and September.

Bike Maps

NOACA develops bike maps for all 5 counties within the region in collaboration with county and local governments, metroparks systems, and non-profit organizations.

APBP Webinars

NOACA hosts viewings of the 2018 Association for Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals’ (APBP) monthly webinar series.  APBP's webinars are a great way to bring stakeholders, colleagues and clients together to explore bicycle topics and trends.