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NOACA’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the short-range implementation tool for the agency’s Long-Range Transportation Plan. The TIP:

  • Budgets and schedules federally funded highway, transportation alternatives and transit projects in the NOACA region.
  • Is updated every two years by NOACA, and may be amended quarterly.
  • Contains transportation projects proposed by governmental sponsors, including local communities, county engineers, Ohio Department of Transportation and transit operators. Projects range from road resurfacing and bridge reconstruction to traffic signal upgrades and bus purchases.

This interactive TIP portal provides searchable access to project details and funding status of transportation projects. Project data is available through mapping and printed reports. You can also use this portal to comment on new project funding applications being considered by NOACA.

This quick video will guide you through all of the TIP Tool features.

Public Involvement
NOACA welcomes comments from the public about proposed projects.