Interstate 77/Miller Road Interchange

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Sponsor: City of Brecksville

PID No.: 104983

Estimated Cost: $4,900,000 (PEPD, PEDD, RW); $11,710,000 (CO)

Proposed Source of Federal Funds: TRAC

CUY IR-77/Miller Rd Interchange – This project involves completing the existing partial diamond interchange at I-77 and Miller Road (location map) by adding a northbound (NB) exit ramp and a southbound (SB) entrance ramp; adding an auxiliary lane between new SB entrance ramp and the IR-80 exit ramp; widening of Miller Road to provide left-turn lanes including structure widening; and adding dual westbound (WB) right turn lanes onto the IR-77 NB entrance ramp. The combined estimated cost of PEPD, PEDD and RW, provided by the sponsor, is $4,900,000. The estimated cost of PEPD is $3,040,000. The estimated cost of PEDD is $760,000. The estimated cost of RW is $1,100,000. The PEPD, PEDD and RW will be funded with TRAC funds and local funds. The sponsor will apply to the TRAC for construction (C) funding in the future; at which time the construction phase will be considered for plan and TIP amendment. The current estimated cost of construction is $11,710,000.

Staff Comment (Summary, revised 3/13/2020):


  • As per NOACA policy, the sponsor must provide a feasibility study or alternatives evaluation report or the completed Interchange Modification Study (IMS) for NOACA review and concurrence.
  • Only the Preliminary Engineering phase of the project, up to completion of applicable feasibility, alternatives evaluation, and environmental analysis draft reports and Stage 1 plan submittal will be eligible for amendment to the NOACA LRTP at this time.
  • Future phases including Environmental Engineering, Final Engineering, Right of Way and Construction will be evaluated for amendment to the LRTP once Preliminary Engineering draft study results receive NOACA concurrence.  

Committee Review:

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council


  • The BPAC recommended that, if the structure on Miller Road over IR-77 is to be widened (per the project description), the sponsor consider widening the sidewalk more than five feet. The BPAC recommended that the sponsor consider widening the sidewalk to at least eight feet, and, if possible, make at least one sidewalk 10 feet wide.

Transportation Subcommittee

  • No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.

Planning and Programming Committee

  • No comments; recommended Executive Committee review.

Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee deferred the project back to the Policy Committee to evaluate the long-term policy implications, in consideration of the committee’s ongoing focus on more closely evaluating the regional impacts caused by an expanding transportation system.

Policy Committee

  • The Policy Committee deferred the project back to the Transportation Subcommittee and Planning and Programming Committee for evaluation of the regional transportation impacts presented to them by staff.  This information was not previously reviewed by the Transportation Subcommittee and Planning and Programming Committee to inform their recommendation.