Complete Streets Improvements along East 66th Street in Cleveland

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Title: East 66th Street Complete Streets Improvements
Sponsor: Cleveland
Estimated Total Cost: $12,485,000
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: NOACA

History/Background: In 2010, NOACA approved funding for the League Park Neighborhood District Plan, sponsored by the City of Cleveland, through its Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) program.  The study established a strategy for future investment in the Hough neighborhood, specifically the League Park District.  The plan provided a framework to catalyze the revitalization of League Park, with the aim to bring unity, prosperity and identity to this important Cleveland neighborhood. The goal of the plan was to depict a future for the neighborhood that will direct public investment, private redevelopment and multi-modal transportation initiatives. 

Since the completion of the original plan in 2012, there have been significant undertakings within and beyond the immediate study area.  In addition to investments made by the residents and community stakeholders, several recent catalytic announcements for projects along the E 66th Street corridor have tipped the momentum toward the need to revisit the plan for a comprehensive update.  For these reasons, an update to the TLCI was needed.  Funding was provided to NOACA from the Cleveland Foundation and was approved for amendment to the NOACA budget by the Board of Directors in December 2019 (Resolution 2019-052).  That study is currently being finalized.

CUY E 66TH ST COMPLETE AND GREEN STREETS - This project is proposed as a pilot implementation project for the recently approved NOACA Complete and Green Streets Policy (Resolution 2020-026).   It initiates preliminary development and engineering of the recommendations contained within the study. Planning level scope components includes roadway, complete and green streets improvements along East 66th Street, from Euclid Avenue to Superior Avenue, in Cleveland (location map). These elements will be further refined through preliminary development, and with continued involvement from stakeholders and the public.  The planning level estimated total cost of the project, provided by the sponsor, is $12,485,000. The estimated cost of preliminary development and detail design (PD/DD) is $485,000. The PD/DD will be funded with NOACA funds ($125,000), funding provided by the Cleveland Foundation ($180,000) and local funds ($180,000). The estimated cost of construction (CO), provided by the sponsor, is $12,000,000.                    

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