Regional Strategic Plan

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Strategic_coverThe Board of Directors adopted the Regional Strategic Plan, Going Forward, Together, on January 23, 2015. The Regional Strategic Plan is a progressive approach for propelling the region forward in an era of changing demographics, job climate, and funding constraints. An overarching goal of the plan is to keep northeast Ohio sustainable, competitive in a global economy and effective at moving people and freight.

The plan embraces a vision statement, five goals and strategies for meeting the goals and effectively allocating the region’s resources. Future NOACA planning efforts will focus on activities that support the plan. 

NOACA's Vision Statement

NOACA will STRENGTHEN regional cohesion, PRESERVE existing infrastructure, and BUILD a sustainable multimodal transportation system to SUPPORT economic development and ENHANCE quality of life in Northeast Ohio.


    Goal 1: STRENGTHEN regional cohesion (see objectives
    Goal 2: PRESERVE existing infrastructure (see objectives
    Goal 3: BUILD a sustainable, multi-modal transportation system (see objectives
    Goal 4: SUPPORT economic development (see objectives
    Goal 5: ENHANCE quality of life in Northeast Ohio (see objectives)


  1. Develop and implement performance criteria systems to most effectively achieve NOACA’s vision.
  2. Further develop and leverage strong relationships with community, economic development and business partners.
  3. Act as a regional facilitator of knowledge sharing, integrated needs assessment, and other collaborative efforts.
  4. Develop fiscal policies to insure the highest and best use of available resources, focusing on maintaining existing regional infrastructure.
  5. Align NOACA’s priorities and projects to other federal, state and regional initiatives.