AIM Forward 2050

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Long Range Transportation Plan for Northeast Ohio


AIM Forward 2050 is NOACA's Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), a comprehensive plan that guides Northeast Ohio's major transportation investments and vision for the future. This framework sets the agenda for all forms of transportation in the region, including automobile, bridge and roadway, transit, bicycle, walking, and the movement of freight. 

The LRTP takes a comprehensive approach to addressing transportation needs in our region, both immediate and in the future, and incorporates elements from studies completed over the past four years. The aim of the plan is to increase mobility and increase the qualify of life for area residents.

A critical component of AIM Forward 2050 is obtaining input and participation from the public. This feedback is necessary to ensure that the resulting LTRP addresses the direct needs of the area's residents. There will be opportunities for public input and participation during each phase of the project.

The most recent LRTP, AIM Forward 2040, was approved by the NOACA Board of Directors on June 9, 2017. That plan identified $15.8 billion in transportation investments that address accessibility, safety, and mobility for people who live and work in Northeast Ohio. Visit this page to view the complete overview of AIM Forward 2040.

Ongoing Public Involvement Process
January-May 2020
May-December 2020
Preliminary Plan
January-February 2021
Final Plan
March-June 2021

- Visioning
- Network workshops
- Develop preliminary concepts
- Develop framework for concepts and feedback

- Analyze data and system alternatives
- Revise and adjust concepts based on stakeholder feedback
- Draft plan released for public comment
- Input received for consideration
- Final Plan adoption


AIM Forward 2050 officially kicked off with a press conference at the Cleveland History Center on Jan. 28, 2020. Presentation slides from that event are available for public viewing.

Opportunities for feedback will be presented on this page. We welcome and encourage your involvement in this process!

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