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Educate yourself on how to manage your school’s transportation needs

Gohio Commute isn’t just for commuters and employers – you can put it to work for your school or university too!

K-12 Schools

Schoolpool is a free, secure service that connects families who want to share the school commute.  Link up with other parents to get students to school safely – whether walk, biking, or driving.

  • Save time and money by sharing rides and walks
  • Reduce traffic congestion and emissions near schools
  • Lead to improved air quality, leading to a reduction in diagnosed cases of ashtma
  • Improve attendance and reduce tardiness
  • Create connections with other families and make new friends!

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Colleges & Universities

Universities present a unique transportation challenge.  They have a body of students who need to get around, but they are also employers with a large number of faculty and staff members who commute to and from campus.

Fortunately, Gohio Commute can meet your needs.  You can create custom subsites that serve students and faculty/staff separately, all while seamlessly tracking your school’s performance.  Employees can find carpool options, while students can establish ride sharing options for travel during extended breaks.

Several public and private universities across Ohio are putting Gohio Commute to work for them.


To learn more about either program, call (216) 241-2414 ext. 252 or email