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Providing commute options is a win-win

By providing your employees with information, resources, and incentives for alternative commute options, companies benefit from having a healthier, happier, and more productive staff. It may also benefit the bottom line and the company's reputation. Consider just some of the benefits of promoting alternative commute options:

  • Gain an edge in attracting and retaining high-quality employees
  • Reduce parking demand or the need to increase supply
  • Be seen as a community leader on sustainable transportation
  • Improving your employees’ health, both physical and mental, which can lower your healthcare costs
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled, which can cut mobile emissions and lower carbon pollution
  • Make commuting more predictable, saving you money by limiting unforeseen employee delays
  • Enjoy commuting tax benefits. The Federal tax code allows employers to reduce payroll taxes for qualified transit, train, vanpooling, and biking benefits.

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