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Try a vanpool - and watch your savings grow

Vanpool_GohioWould you like to save money and enjoy a more relaxed commute? Consider vanpooling!

Vanpools are a way for 5-15 people to get access to a van, complete with insurance, maintenance, and fuel. All members of the vanpool split the operating costs, keeping your commute affordable and stress-free. It’s a great option for groups of commuters who live and work near each other and have similar work schedules. Because a third party owns and maintains the vehicle, a vanpool can be an easy, turnkey solution for you and your fellow commuters.


Commute with Enterprise offers a van sharing program that offers vehicle options for commuters as an alternative to driving individually. The program includes late-model, low-mileage SUVs and vans that come complete with amenities such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi and leather seats.

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