Guaranteed Ride Home

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Always have a way home, no matter what happens

Carpool2_GohioDo you carpool, vanpool, or bike to work regularly? Do you know what to do if you get sick at work, need to pick up your child at school, or need to stay late at work? In these situations, NOACA’s Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program is here for you!

NOACA will reimburse up to 80% of bus ticket, Uber, Lyft, or taxi fare needed for your trip home if you are in a carpool or vanpool or bike to work, up to a maximum of $60 for one trip. You may use GRH up to a maximum of four (4) times per year. So no need to worry about an emergency ride if you carpool – we’ve got you covered.

To use GRH

  1. Log your carpool, vanpool, and bike commutes on Gohio Commute
  2. When you need a ride home, hail a ride and keep your receipt
  3. Claim your GRH reimbursement on Gohio Commute
  4. When prompted, provide a copy of your receipt and wait for your reimbursement

GRH Requirements

  • You must be registered in the Gohio Commute database and participate in a carpool or vanpool regularly
  • You must fill out a GRH form, indicating your intent to use the service at some time in the future, and send or fax it back to Gohio Commute
  • You can only take advantage of GRH for valid emergencies. The following examples would not be valid reasons for using the GRH:
    • You decide to take half the day off from work for vacation
    • You have a previously scheduled dentist or doctor appointment
    • You have overslept and decide to go into work later

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