Street Supplies

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A Library for Temporary Transportation Projects


Street Supplies is NOACA’s newest program designed to help communities in Northeast Ohio discover innovative approaches to road design for everyone: buses, bikes, cars, and pedestrians! Our library of roadway materials is FREE for communities to borrow and return. Our library include a range of materials- from the basics of paint, tape, cones, and signs to parklets, bike racks, colorful street furniture, and planters!

By using Street Supplies materials for a temporary project, jurisdictions in Northeast Ohio can gather meaningful public input on a proposed design, evaluate the potential benefits of a transportation project before its permanent construction, and enliven public spaces while improving safety for all modes..

Street Supplies is funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Department of Health. We encourage any communities interested in using the Street Supplies library to contact us at or by phone (216) 241-2414! 

Street_Supplies_Euclid_PaintingResources to help you get started 

  • Community Guidance document for helpful information on the Street Supplies process
  • Presentation given to our Board of Directors in January 2019 that highlights why you might consider using Street Supplies and some ideas for local inspiration
  • For a list of what’s in the Street Supplies library as of January 2019 -  see this inventory sheet.