Street Supplies

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A Library for Temporary Transportation Projects


Street Supplies is NOACA’s newest program designed to help communities in Northeast Ohio discover innovative approaches to road design for everyone: buses, bikes, cars, and pedestrians! Our library of roadway materials is FREE for communities to borrow and return. Our library include a range of materials- from the basics of paint, tape, cones, and signs to parklets, bike racks, colorful street furniture, and planters!

By using Street Supplies materials for a temporary project, jurisdictions in Northeast Ohio can gather meaningful public input on a proposed design, evaluate the potential benefits of a transportation project before its permanent construction, and enliven public spaces while improving safety for all modes..

Street Supplies is funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Department of Health. The kickoff to the program was a public workshop held in March 2018, where we learned about possible community projects and shared resources to help communities develop strong project ideas. We’re off to a strong start for 2019, and encourage any communities interested in using the Street Supplies library to contact us at or by phone (216) 241-2414! 

Resources to help you get started 

  • Community Guidance document for helpful information on the Street Supplies process
  • Presentation given to our Board of Directors in January 2019 that highlights why you might consider using Street Supplies and some ideas for local inspiration
  • For a list of what’s in the Street Supplies library as of January 2019 -  see this inventory sheet.