Planning Activities

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Only planning activities are eligible for TLCI planning awards. Planning activities must coordinate partners and stakeholders and result in deliverables that recommend transportation infrastructure improvements.

TLCI plans should reflect national best practices in transportation planning and engineering practice. Activities that specifically facilitate and promote sustainable development, multimodal transportation, and complete and green streets are strongly encouraged.

Examples of eligible planning activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Transportation plans supporting redevelopment
  • Bicycle and pedestrian network/complete streets implementation plans
  • Transit-oriented development plans
  • Neighborhood traffic calming plans, including improvements for bicycle and pedestrian safety and accessibility
  • Transportation Demand Management studies

Examples of activities and studies that cannot be funded through TLCI planning awards include:

  • Preliminary engineering or final design
  • Environmental documentation
  • Right of way acquisition
  • Preparation of bid documents
  • Grant funds deposited into a general fund
  • Construction

Planning projects that encourage or reinforce single occupancy vehicle travel, suburban/exurban sprawl, or activities otherwise inconsistent with NOACA’s Regional Strategic Plan are ineligible.