Legislative Agenda

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FundingNOACA's Legislative Agenda is a platform of basic principles and specific priorities for advocacy. Basic principles do not change much from year to year, as they are statements that reflect the NOACA Regional Strategic Plan.  Language representing specific priorities is subject to change more often, as the intent is to identify specific state and federal policies currently under consideration.

The 2019 Legislative Agenda has been amended to include a specific focus on public transit and hyperloop funding programs. Federal & State priorities are outlined below:

Federal Priorities:

  1. Strengthen the MPO’s local control of core transportation programs
  2. Promote asset management as a funding priority
  3. Incorporate safety, sustainability, multimodalism in planning & funding

State Priorities: 

  1. Improve the region’s rate of return from state allocated funds to meet regional asset management needs
  2. Advocate for the inclusion of multimodal transportation within state programs & funding

Visit a printable copy of the full 2019 Legislative Agenda here.