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The NOACA Board of Directors is made up of elected officials and administrators from NOACA’s five counties. Board makeup is proportional to the region’s population, and is updated after each decennial Census. The Board of Directors:

  • Determines how federal transportation dollars will be spent in northeast Ohio.
  • Sets policies that guide transportation development throughout the five counties.
  • Approves NOACA’s water and air quality policies.
 NOACA Board Resources:
Agendas and Presentations
View agendas and presentations from all of NOACA's Board, Standing Committee, Subcommittee, and Council meetings.  **Note: Agendas and meeting materials will be posted one week before each meeting. Presentations will be posted upon completion of each meeting.
Vibrant_NEO Membership
View of list of members for NOACA's Board of Directors and each of NOACA's Standing Committees, Subcommittees, and Councils. NOACA responsibilities, membership, and appointment processes are defined in Article VI and Appendix I of the agency’s Code of Regulations.
Meeting Schedule
View a yearly calendar of all NOACA Board of Directors meetings, Standing Committee, Subcommittee, and Council meetings.
Code of Regulations
The Code of Regulations defines NOACA's organizational structure and serves as  its governing instrument. The NOACA Board of Directors governs the agency according to the NOACA Code of Regulations in accordance with state and federal regulations. 
Legislative Agenda
NOACA's Legislative Agenda represents consensus-driven principles that have been approved by NOACA’s 45-member board in Northeast Ohio. The Legislative Agenda is intended to guide policy analysis and advocacy on infrastructure issues.
Board Policies
NOACA's Board Policies articulate values or perspectives developed and agreed upon by the Board regarding specific topics or issues.  Board policies provide written direction to help achieve NOACA's vision for the future.  
Board Resolutions
NOACA's Board Resolutions are written statements detailing specific actions or outcomes by NOACA's Board of Directors.

Board Resource Guide
NOACA's Board Resource Guide is a source of information for NOACA Board members. Learn about Board membership, committees, programs, services, legislative advocacy, agency resources, and more!