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What is NOACA?

The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) is the transportation and environmental planning agency that represents state, county, city, village, and township officials in Greater Cleveland. NOACA addresses the transportation, air quality, and water quality needs of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain and Medina counties. The agency and its partners cooperatively develop and implement plans to ensure that travel throughout the region is safe, cost-effective and environmentally sound. 

NOACA has also been designated as an Areawide Water Quality Management Agency by the Governor of Ohio under section 208 of the federal Clean Water Act to perform areawide planning.

NOACA's Vision

NOACA will STRENGTHEN regional cohesion, PRESERVE existing infrastructure, and BUILD a sustainable multimodal transportation system to SUPPORT economic development and ENHANCE quality of life in Northeast Ohio.

Formally adopted by the Board of Directors on January 10, 2014 as part of the regional strategic plan development.

NOACA Represents:

Five counties, 61 cities, 45 villages, 58 townships, 2000 square miles and 2.1 million people.

NOACA's Board of Directors:

NOACA's 45-member Board, consisting of elected and appointed public officials from the five-county region, determines how federal transportation dollars are spent in Northeast Ohio.

What NOACA Does for the Region:

  • Unites local governments to plan, prioritize, and fund regionally significant transportation projects and ensure local involvement in decision making.
  • Creates regional plans to preserve transportation assets, ensure safety, support transportation choices, and promote healthy air and water.
  • Provides data, tools, resources, and maps to help inform decisions.
  • Assists communities by planning for future transportation needs, identifying funding sources, providing technical assistance, and sharing best practices.
More About NOACA
How to Interact with NOACA
Learn how to interact with NOACA at Board meetings, by commenting on projects, folowing us on social media, emailing us, talking to your elected officials, and more!
NOACA Policies
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Financial Audit
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