Draft Clean Water:  208 Water Quality Management Plan

Posted: November 2018

In October 2016, NOACA initiated a comprehensive update of the region’s Clean Water 2000:  208 Water Quality Management Plan.  NOACA established the 208 Plan Working Group and three Chapter Focus Groups to assist staff in reviewing, revising and updating the region’s 208 Water Quality Management Plan.  The 208 Plan Working Group met quarterly, along with additional meetings of the three Focus Groups, to help develop the following draft chapters.

Draft Chapter 1 – To Be Developed

Draft Chapter 2 Appendices:

Draft Appendix 2-A

Draft Appendix 2-B

Draft Chapter 4 Appendices:

Draft Appendix 4-A

Draft Appendix 4-B

Draft Appendix 4-C

Draft Appendix 4-D

Draft Appendix 4-E

Draft Appendix 4-F

Draft Chapter 7 Appendices:

Draft Appendix 7-A

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