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About the Plan: The cities of South Euclid, Lyndhurst, Cleveland Heights and Mayfield Heights are collaborating with NOACA and other regional agencies to study the future of the Mayfield Road corridor. The overall goal for the study is to establish a unified vision to serve as a framework for any future roadway improvements, as well as potential redevelopment along the corridor. NOACA has recently granted additional funding to integrate the City of Cleveland Heights into the study.

Update: A final public meeting was held on September 11, 2018 and the project team is in the process of incorporating all of the feedback that was received on the draft plan. Please check back soon for a link to the final plan. There are no additional meetings scheduled at this time.

Past Meetings:
Public Open House #3, September 11, 2018: Presentation of the draft plan recommendations

The consulting team presented an overview of the input that was received throughout the project process and how that input informed the recommendations of the plan. Details from the draft plan describing the recommendations were posted on boards around the room for attendees to view and discuss with the project team.

The presentation and meeting materials can be viewed at the links below.

Public Workshop #2, June 6, 2018: Discussion of issues and opportunities along the corridor (focus on addition of Cleveland Heights).
The portion of Mayfield Road through Cleveland Heights was added to the study since our first workshop, so the consulting team presented findings for this portion of the corridor. The Cleveland Heights portion of Mayfield Road is similar in context to the rest of the corridor, but the street itself changes many times within the City’s boundary. 

The presentation linked below includes the new Cleveland Heights information that was shared with meeting attendees. 
Similar to Workshop #1, the primary focus of the workshop included a series of interactive activities for attendees to share their thoughts and ideas and help shape the future of Mayfield Road.
The new Cleveland Heights-specific activity stations used at the workshop can be viewed at the following links:

Public Workshop #1, 
February 27, 2018: Discussion of issues and opportunities along the corridor.

The consulting team presented findings related to transportation and development as it exists today along the corridor. There’s a lot of activity along Mayfield Road today, and the current conditions create safety concerns for all users (motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and bus riders).

The presentation linked below introduced these challenges to initiate an interactive discussion with meeting attendees.

The primary focus of the workshop included a series of interactive activities for attendees to share their thoughts and ideas and help shape the future of Mayfield Road.

A preliminary analysis of traffic volumes on Mayfield Road indicates that there may be opportunities to reconfigure the roadway to better allocate space for buses, bicyclists and pedestrians, while still maintaining traffic flow. A variety of concepts (illustrated below) were presented to show how roadway and right-of-way space could be redesigned in different ways and to prioritize movement of different transportation modes.

Participants were also invited to “build” their own street concepts through a table-top exercise designed to help understand how different elements can fit together, based on their own priorities.

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The workshop materials can be viewed at the following  links:

Primary Contact:
Lauren Cardoni, Urban Planner, MKSK Studios, 614-686-0183
NOACA Contact:
Mike Kubek, Transportation Systems Planning Manager, 216-241-2414, ext. 212

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