NOACA's  Legislative Platform represents consensus-driven principles that have been approved by NOACA’s 45-member board in Northeast Ohio. The Legislative Platform is intended to guide policy analysis and advocacy on infrastructure issues.

The Legislative Platform includes the following infrastructure questions which reflect NOACA’s vision statement:
  • Does the issue STRENGTHEN regional cohesion?
  • Does the issue PRESERVE existing infrastructure?
  • Does the issue BUILD a sustainable multimodal transportation system?
  • Does the issue SUPPORT economic development?
  • Does the issue ENHANCE the quality of life in Northeast Ohio?

These questions provide clear guidance to evaluate transportation planning and programming in Greater Cleveland. While NOACA’s principles endure, the national conversation and agenda on transportation infrastructure will change. In this way, NOACA can assist public officials by advocating emerging issues with a non-partisan view. But most importantly, the Legislative Platform incentivizes NOACA to identify emerging trends, which allows for forward-looking, strategic decisions. Currently, the Legislative Agenda focuses on:

  • Developing relationships with stakeholders and federal/state public officials
  • Supporting local responsibility and local control
  • Prioritizing asset management projects over those that increase capacity
  • Placing a premium on sustainability
  • Expanding equitable funding to ensure full opportunity for all Northeast Ohioans
Visit the full Agenda here.
Last updated: 12/29/2017 11:34:40 AM