Improvements at the Intersections of Richmond Road and Brush Road and Richmond Road and Euclid Avenue in Euclid

Sponsor: Euclid 
Project Name: CUY SR 175 - 13.31
Estimated Total Cost: $2,024,809 
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: ODOT and Euclid 

History/Background: The City of Euclid was advised that its application for Safety and Congestion Program funding was approved for funding the proposed project. 
Proposed Project: The proposed project at the intersections of Richmond Road and Brush Road and Richmond Road and Euclid Avenue (illustration) will include the following:

  • widening the south leg of the Richmond Road/Euclid Avenue intersection; 
  • reconstructing the west approach to the Richmond Road/Brush Road intersection;
  • lengthening the southbound left turn lane at the Richmond Road/Brush Road intersection;
  • relocating the bus shelter, currently located within the westbound to northbound slip lane at the Richmond Road/Brush Road intersection; and
  • closing the southernmost and westernmost drives into the Shell gas station, located on the northeast corner of the Richmond Road/Euclid Avenue intersection
The project’s estimated total cost, provided by the sponsor, is $2,024,809. The estimated cost preliminary engineering preliminary development (PEPD) is $192,778. The estimated cost preliminary engineering detailed design (PEDD) is $64,259. The estimated cost right-of-way (RW) is $30,000. The estimated cost of construction (C) is $1,737,772. The PEPD, PEDD, RW and C will be funded with $1,822,328 in Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds and $202,481 in local funds. 

Staff Comment (Summary): 
  • Coordinate with GCRTA on the curb geometrics for the bus pull off on the east side of Richmond Road, just north of Brush Road.  Buses often find it difficult to obtain adequate gaps to pull back into the travel lane.  Consider extending the widened east curb line further south through the bus stop so the bus can pull straight into the developed curb lane (create the bus stop at the end of the curb taper for the additional lane).
  • Upgrade all curb ramps for ADA (Americans with Disabilities) accessibility.
  • Sponsor should coordinate with the GCRTA service planning department early in the project development process to account for temporary bus stop relocation and/or navigating the turn radius during construction.
  • Ensure proper stormwater management during any disturbance of soils.
  • Richmond/Euclid intersection, south leg crossing Richmond Road:  Recommend moving the crosswalk further south and closer to the stop bar to reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians.
  • Consider making the curb radius for Brush Road to Richmond Road northbound as minimal as practicable in order to encourage lower turning speeds and reduce the length of the crosswalk along Richmond Road.
  • Consider upgrading to countdown pedestrian signals to enhance the pedestrian crossing for all users, including seniors and individuals with disabilities.
Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC): 

Public Involvement (leave comments here):

Committee Review: 

  • Transportation Subcommittee: No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.

Last updated: 9/18/2017 1:38:22 PM