Improvements on Wallings Road in Broadview Heights

Sponsor: Broadview Heights 
Estimated Total Cost: $7,482,943
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: ODOT and Broadview Heights


The City of Broadview Heights retained a consultant to perform an Interchange Operations Study (IOS) for the Interstate 77/Wallings Road interchange. The purpose of the study was to determine if the improvements proposed as part of the Wallings Road Interchange Alternative Evaluation, submitted to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 12 on May 10, 2016, will degrade the operation of Interstate 77 (IR-77) in the immediate vicinity of the Wallings Road interchange and, if so, what actions are required to address such degradation. In November 2016, the City was advised that its application for Safety and Congestion Program funding was approved for funding the proposed project. 

Proposed Project:

The proposed project on Wallings Road (illustration) will include the following:

  • widening Wallings Road, from two lanes to three lanes, from West Mill Road to Mill Road;
  • increasing the turning lane storage at the IR-77 northbound (NB) and southbound (SB) ramp intersections; and
  • widening the structure over IR-77 and adding storage to the IR-77 SB exit ramp
The project’s estimated total cost, provided by the sponsor, is $7,482,943. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering preliminary development (PEPD) is $540,675. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering detailed design (PEDD) is $180,225. The estimated cost of right-of-way (RW) is $178,000. The estimated cost of construction (C) is $6,584,043. The PEPD, PEDD, RW and C will be funded with $2,000,000 in Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds and $5,482,943 in local funds. 

Staff Comment (Summary):

  • The widening of Wallings Road should include stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to avoid direct and indirect impacts on the subwatershed. The BMPs should address urban runoff; direct/indirect impacts to stream habitat; metals (need to capture); and help contain potential spills from road traffic. This project is located in a subwatershed named “Village of Independence-Cuyahoga River (HUC 041100020602)." This watershed’s aquatic life use designation is Warm Water Habitat (WWH); it is currently in nonattainment. A TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) has been developed and identifies phosphorus, nitrogen, habitat alterations, bacteria and dissolved oxygen as pollutants of concern. Additionally, Ohio EPA’s 2016 Integrated Report (IR) lists causes of impairment due to flow alteration, organic enrichment/dissolved oxygen, direct habitat alterations and metals. The IR also lists sources of impairment as combined sewer overflows, urban runoff/storm sewers (nonpoint source) and spills.
  • The Cuyahoga Greenways Bicycle Inventory shows a proposed bike lane on Wallings Road from West Ridge Drive to Daventree Drive.  This proposed facility was entered by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. Please coordinate with them on the need to widen the road and bridge to accommodate bike lanes.

 Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC):

 Public Involvement (leave comments here):

 Committee Review:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council (BPAC):
  • Consider providing sidewalk on both sides of Wallings Road, or, at a minimum, consider extending the sidewalk on the south side of Wallings Road, especially as part of the bridge modification, in order to provide accessibility and future continuity.
Safety and Operations Council (SOC):
  • Consider providing a Two Way Left Turn Lane (TWLTL) on Wallings Road just west of the interchange ramp rather than the proposed two through lanes.
Transportation Subcommittee:
  • No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.
Planning and Programming Committee:
  • No comments; recommended for Executive Committee review.

Executive Committee:
  • No comments; recommended for Board of Directors' review.



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