Specialized Transportation Program (Section 5310)On January 23, 2015 the NOACA Board of Directors’ adopted the 2015 update to the Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan for Northeast Ohio (with appendices) that includes:

  • An assessment of available transportation services that identifies current providers
  • An assessment of transportation needs for target populations
  • Strategies and activities to address identified gaps and redundancies in services
  • Prioritization for implementation of strategies and activities based on resources, feasibility, and time

Federal law requires that projects submitted under the Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program (Section 5310)  be included in and consistent with the goals of the coordinated plan.

The goals for the region have been updated and adapted since the original Coordinated Plan in 2008. The newly created goals are reflective of the engagement of transportation providers, clients, and the public. Input from public meetings, NOACA’s Transit Council, a stakeholder survey, and a stakeholder workshop were compiled to create and prioritize objectives as well as create strategies to meet these goals and objectives.

Coordinated Plan Updated Goals:

  1. Improve accessibility and service efficiency for low income, elderly, and/or disabled riders
  2. Improve cost effectiveness
  3. Improve Safety
  4. Improve coordination of services and resources

Coordinated Plan Updated Objectives:

Each objective was prioritized into one of two tiers. This tiered structure provides guidance for allocating resources to projects that address the most pressing needs and that will most improve the regional transportation system. The priorities follow.

Tier One Objectives

  • Reduce transit/specialized transportation costs for riders and providers
  • Improve frequency of service
  • Improve weekend service
  • Improve operational efficiencies at all levels
  • Improve access to underserved areas with transit-dependent populations
  • Improve evening service
  • Advance awareness to growing unmet transportation needs

Tier Two Objectives

  • Improve access to information and travel training for riders and human service agencies
  • Improve last-minute transportation options
  • Mitigate environmental barriers
  • Improve inter-county transportation options

This tier system will be used in conjunction with the competitive selection process for projects that seek specialized transportation funding.

Public Transit and Human Services links and downloads are available here.

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