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NOACA unveils draft of Northeast Ohio's Long-Range Transportation Plan

Weigh in on the plan now through June 8, 2017
The Long-Range Transportation Plan is the framework for directing investment for all forms of transportation in Northeast Ohio, including motor vehicle, bridge, transit, bicycle, walking and the movement of freight. The plan offers a vision of the region's transportation system through the year 2040 and identifies $13 billion in transportation investments that address accessibility, safety and mobility for people who live and work in Northeast Ohio.

NOACA's draft Long-Range Transportation Plan, titled AIM Forward 2040, is now available for review and comment. You can review the Plan by chapter, as listed below. You can comment on the plan via a link on the website or by attending one of several scheduled public meetings over the next month.


               Chapter 3.1 – Congestion Management System
               Chapter 3.2 - Asset Management and Resiliency
               Chapter 3.3 – Regional Freight Plan
               Chapter 3.4 - Livable Communities
               Chapter 3.5 – Transportation Safety
               Chapter 3.6 – Security
               Chapter 3.7 – Environmental Impact Mitigation

  • Project Impacts

              Chapter 5.1 – Financial Plan
              Chapter 5.2 – Environmental Justice
              Chapter 5.3 – Transportation Conformity

  • Public Involvement
  • What the future of transportation might look like/could be
  • Appendices
            Recommended Transportation Asset Management Program
            Minor Projects
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