Greater Cleveland RTA Fiscal Year 2017 Capital Grant Program

On December 16, 2016, the NOACA Board of Directors approved adding the following project to Connections+ 2035 - the long-range transportation plan and the State Fiscal Years 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Program via Resolution 2016-037. Resolution 2016-036 verifies that these projects successfully completed Project Planning Review. The projects were endorsed by NOACA's:

  • Transportation Subcommittee
  • Planning and Programming Committee
  • Executive Committee
Sponsor: GCRTA

Estimated Total Cost: $49,855,387 ($547,288 Detailed Design; $49,308,099 Construction)
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

History/Background: GCRTA reports that its original state fiscal year (SFY) 2017 grant program is listed in the NOACA SFY 2016 – 2019 Transportation Improvement Program and the majority of the program is as originally proposed in the TIP. GCRTA is adding four new projects to its FFY 2017 program and the TIP. GCRTA is also seeking to revise and amend three existing grants to re-allocate project funds due to under-runs, over-runs, and revised project priorities impacting 10 TIP projects and adding one project previously on the 2014-2017 TIP to the 2016-2019 TIP. GCRTA’s revisions to the FFY 2016 State of Good Repair, FFY 2015 Capital and FFY 2014 Capital formula grant programs reflects these revisions.

Proposed Project: GCRTA is applying for various sources of funds including Section 5307 Capital Formula, Section 5337 State of Good Repair Formula and Section 5339 Bus Facilities Formulas, as described below:

• The Section 5307 Capital Formula projects include Information Systems ADP Hardware, ADP Software, and Third Party Technical Support, Rail State of Good Repair, Bus Preventative Maintenance, CAB Signaling (new), Red Line Signal System Replacement, CAB Signal System Upgrade, Bus Replacement Program Vehicles and Spare Parts, Paratransit Vehicle Replacement, NOACA Unserved Areas Projects, Bus Equipment Program, OCS Replacement and Upgrade Program, Fiber Optic System Upgrade, Enhanced Rail ADA Access, Farnsleigh Street Station ADA Reconstruction, LRV Vehicle Replacement Choppers, CBM 3 Post Lift & Fall Protection, CITME System Replacement and SCADA System Replacement.

• Section 5337 Rail Formula projects include Rail Preventative Maintenance, East 120th Street Substation Replacement, Rail Infrastructure Program, On-Call Rail Engineering, On-Call Rail Maintenance, Rail Grinding Program, West 25th/Ohio City Transformer/Rectifier Replacement, Farnsleigh Street Station Replacement, Tower City Track 10 & 13 Replacement and LRV Vehicle Replacement Choppers.

• Section 5339 Bus Facilities Formula projects includes Bus Replacement Program Vehicles and Spare Parts.

GCRTA is seeking to revise three existing grants to address projected under-runs, over-runs, and revised priorities in our Capital Program as described below:

• 2016 Section 5339 State of Good Repair Grant (OH-2016-055) - The grant will be amended to add the Lee-Shaker Station Reconstruction project adding $1,444,275 to the grant. We will are reducing the Rail Preventative Maintenance to fund the Red Line West Track Rehabilitation program in this grant.

• 2015 Section 5307 Urban Grant (OH-90-X823) – The grant is proposed to be revised to re-allocate funds on eight line items. The Bus Replacement Vehicle, Bus Preventative Maintenance, CSX/East 93rd Bridge and Puritas Substation funding is being reduced and the Bus Replacement Spare Parts, East 34th Street Station and Red Line West Track Rehabilitation program are being funded.

• 2014 Section 5307 Urban Grant (OH-90-X809) - The grant is proposed to be revised to re-allocate funds on five line items. The Red Line West Track Program is being reduced and the Paratransit Vehicle Replacement, Bus Replacement Spare Parts, Brookpark Station and Rail Preventative Maintenance are being funded.

Descriptions of the projects (project descriptions) in the GCRTA FY 2017 program, a list of projects and their associated costs by ALI (activity line item) are available in pdf.

Staff Comment (Summary):

Programming Division:
• This project is consistent with NOACA’s Connections+ 2035 Goals #3 (Preserve and Improve the Efficiency of the Transportation System), #4 (More Balanced System Enhancing Modal Choice) and #5 (Improve Mobility of the Transit Dependent and Low Income Individuals).
• Recommend committee and public review in order to obtain comments.

Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC):

Public Involvement:

Committee Review:

Transportation Subcommittee:

  • No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.

Planning and Programming Committee:

  • No comments; recommended for Executive Committee review.

Executive Committee:

  • No comments; recommended for Board of Directors' review.

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