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We want to hear your thoughts about how you envision Northeast Ohio’s transportation system 20 years from now. Transportation affects our lives in many ways: it can encourage economic development, broaden job prospects, expand social networking, connect neighborhoods and enhance quality of life. How can we plan transportation improvements that meet your needs and desires?

Join us at our events to learn more about the long-range transportation plan and voice your opinions. Share meeting announcements with friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter. We’re planning on a robust turnout with opportunities to hear from everyone.

 Past  Events - Summer 2016

 Event  Date
Stakeholder Meeting #1

An informal exchange of ideas

Long-Range Transportation Plan Development: History and Background


Long-Range Transportation Plan Development: Funding Forecast


Long-Range Transportation Plan Development: Asset Management Program


Long-Range Transportation Plan Opinion Poll Exercise


Questions and NOACA staff responses from the meeting. article about the meeting

  June 1, 2016


 A Framework for Action Informational Meeting


Results from polling exercise

Questions and NOACA responses from the meeting

  July 13, 2016

 Community and Social Impacts stakeholder engagement meeting


Focus Group responses from the meeting


July 27, 2016

Business and Economic Impacts stakeholder engagement meeting

Defining the Relationship between Transportation and the Economy

Business and Economic Impacts of Transportation

Focus Group responses:

 August 31, 2016

 Visioning/Scenario Session


September 20, 2016


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