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NOACA initiates long-range transportation plan development

Planning a balanced and sustainable transportation system for Northeast Ohio

The long-range transportation plan (LRTP) is a framework to guide investments for all forms of transportation – motor vehicle, transit, bicycle and walking – and the movement of freight throughout Northeast Ohio over the next 20 years. As the region’s metropolitan planning organization, NOACA is responsible for preparing and maintaining the LRTP. We are currently in the process of developing the next LRTP, a plan that will address the evolving transportation needs and desires of new generations of commuters and residents. We seek input from the region’s stakeholders, decision-makers and the public to build and shape a transportation system that is efficient, safe, multimodal, sustainable and responsive to the needs of the region’s employers, residents and visitors.

The LRTP will:
     • Outline a vision for Northeast Ohio’s transportation system through the year 2040
     • Integrate the goals and strategies approved in the Regional Strategic Plan
     • Identify strategies and projects for effectively moving people and goods

     • Be multimodal and sustainable, serving the mobility needs of residents, commuters, the transit-dependent, the physically challenged and visitors to the region.

Northeast Ohio’s transportation story

Northeast Ohio employment, households and transportation has changed significantly since the 1960s. During the 1960s, the region’s central cities bustled with people and were home to the area’s largest employers. Once a thriving industrial and manufacturing hub, Northeast Ohio has transitioned to a service-oriented job market. The locations people travel to for work, shopping and recreation have changed, and commuters now have options to travelling into the core cities, including working at remote facilities or telecommuting. A rapidly growing elderly population and changes in the lifestyles and commute habits of younger generations impact the way we use and maintain our transportation system.

The first LRTP developed by NOACA in 1969 recommended developing highway corridors and transportation improvements for a population that was expected to grow. During the past 50 years, the region’s population stopped growing, leveling off at around $2 million. People moved away from the core cities into the region’s suburban fringes. During the same time frame, infrastructure continued to be built, and was oriented further away from the core cities as the population spread outward. This has left the current generation with millions in road, bridge and transit assets that need to be repaired and updated, but without sufficient resources to accomplish all of the maintenance and repairs. This requires public officials to prioritize where and how funding will be spent.

As the latest LRTP is being developed, NOACA, decision-makers and stakeholders have the opportunity to rethink the direction and intent of the plan to make it more realistic, sustainable and equitable. How do you think we should focus our planning efforts and resources? If you had $10 billion to spend on Northeast Ohio’s transportation system over the next 20 years, how and where would you allocate these dollars?

    Public engagement - Help shape Northeast Ohio’s future transportation system

    Public engagement for the next LRTP is underway. We seek public input to identify and prioritize transportation strategies, programs and improvements that will best serve you, a resident and commuter in Northeast Ohio. You are welcome at any future LRTP stakeholder or public meeting to provide input, ask questions or simply listen to what others are saying. We will also soon post a LRTP survey to gauge your interests and concerns. Your comments are important and we welcome your participation in developing the next LRTP. 


    Last updated: 9/14/2016 8:47:36 AM