Planning Study of the Interchange at Chagrin Boulevard and IR-271 in Beachwood

Planning Study of the Interchange at Chagrin Boulevard and IR-271 in Beachwood

Sponsor: Beachwood
Project Name: CUY-422-10.82
Estimated Total Cost: $665,031
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: ODOT

History/Background: The City of Beachwood was awarded Safety and Congestion Program funding (Safety Application 201510 D12-03, CUY-422-10.82) to perform an interchange modification study (IMS) and environmental document for preliminary development (PE-Env.) of the Interchange at Chagrin Boulevard and IR-271 in Beachwood (study area). The preparation of an IMS is a key component of determining the allowable scope of improvements along Chagrin Boulevard.

The City of Beachwood reports the planning study will analyze the following: 

• Remove the Bryden Road connection to Richmond Road, just north of Chagrin Boulevard. Construct a cul-de-sac to prevent traffic from entering Richmond Road from Bryden Road; 
• Remove unwarranted traffic signal at the intersection of Richmond Road and Corporate Park Drive;
• Restripe southbound (SB) approach to the intersection of Chagrin Boulevard and Richmond Road to accommodate a four lane configuration (left, left, thru, thru-right);
• Construct a second northbound (NB) left-turn lane at the Chagrin Boulevard/Richmond Road intersection;
• Construct a westbound right-turn lane at the Chagrin Boulevard/Richmond Road intersection;
• Extend the third eastbound (EB) travel lane, currently created between Richmond Road and Enterprise Place, beyond the Richmond Road intersection;
• Widen the IR-271 SB exit ramp to four (4) lanes to accommodate a left, right, right, right lane configuration;
• Widen the IR-271 NB exit ramp to four (4) lanes to accommodate a left, left, left, right lane configuration;
• Widen EB Chagrin Boulevard, between Richmond Road and the IR-271 SB ramps, to accommodate four (4) travel lanes. The fourth travel lane will become a dedicated entrance lane for IR-271 SB;
• Widen westbound (WB) Chagrin Boulevard to accommodate three (3) travel lanes between Enterprise Place/Park East Drive to the IR-271 NB ramps intersection. The third lane will be a WB drop right-turn lane-off lane at the Chagrin Boulevard /Enterprise Place/ Park East Drive intersection;
• Widen the Chagrin Boulevard bridge, over IR-271, from four (4) lane to six (6) lanes;
• Reconstruct all warranted traffic signals within the study area.

Proposed Project: The ODOT District Safety Review Team recommended to the City of Beachwood that this project be proposed as a planning study only, to perform an Interchange Modification Study and to conduct preliminary development to identify a preferred alternate for implementation. Presently it is not sufficiently clear what the preferred alternate will be or how it will be funded in the Detail Design and Construction phases. It was also recommended that the City pursue Detail Design and Construction under a separate project, or series of projects, acknowledging factors affecting funding and implementation of the preferred full-build condition. The City will need to develop a strategic plan to break up the desired, approvable long-term recommendations into a phased series of smaller improvements, assuming full build will be too costly.

The estimated cost of the planning study is $665,031. The cost will be funded with $532,000 of Federal Safety funds. The City of Beachwood will provide the remaining $133,031.

Staff Comment (Summary):

General comments

     • Recommend committee and public review in order to obtain comments.

Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC):

Public Involvement:

Committee Review:

Transportation Subcommittee:
    • No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.

Planning and Programming Committee
    • No comments; recommended for Executive Committee review. 

Executive Committee:
    • No comments; recommended for Board of Directors' review.

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