Goal 3: BUILD a sustainable, multi-modal transportation system


a) Provide funding priority and other preferences with scoring criteria to projects that
(1) enhance and improve coordination for public transit, rail, pedestrian and bicycle transportation
(2) improve access to regional job centers, employment opportunities, and city centers
(3) facilitate intermodal transportation connections
(4) reduce energy use and improve air quality
(5) reduce greenhouse gas emissions
(6) reduce reliance on auto travel
(7) can be demonstrated to have an adequate long-term funding stream for operation and maintenance
(8) engage in regional efforts to control stormwater, protect and improve water quality, and control development in floodplains
(9) promote safety

b) Assure that the Regional Transportation Plan and TIP reflect a coherent commitment to a balanced multi-modal transportation system and to NOACA’s strategic vision.

c) Encourage transit-oriented development in higher density urban corridors and other higher density areas of the region and retrofitting transit oriented elements in appropriate lower density areas.

d) Consider strategic abandonment or alternative provision of service for infrastructure elements that are under-utilized or whose maintenance or reconstruction costs may exceed their benefit.

e) Achieve levels of infrastructure investment that do not exceed the region’s financial capacity.

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