Title: Reconstruct Erie Street in Willoughby
Sponsor: City of Willoughby
Estimated Total Cost: $4,312,000
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: NOACA

History/Background: On May 20, 2014, the City of Willoughby, Ohio, approved Resolution No. 2014-50 identifying Erie Street between US-20 and Stevens Boulevard, in the City Willoughby, for reconstruction.

Current Conditions: According to the sponsor, from the industrial development, Erie Street provides the only access for a significant number of trucks to points south of Vine Street/Mentor Avenue (US-20) and north of Stevens Boulevard, including access to freeways. Two sets of train tracks also cross the project area and receive a substantial amount of train traffic. The sponsor reports that the existing grades and poor drainage create flooding on Erie Street during storms and allow water to collect in the road and flow onto private property. According to the sponsor, a site visit confirmed the pavement is in fair to poor condition. The sponsor also reports the sidewalks have poor drainage, massive cracking a, closeness to the streets and narrow width. There are a few single family houses located on the east side of the street. North of the project area is an apartment complex and more residential areas. Willoughby’s pedestrian oriented downtown area is south of the downtown area.

The existing conditions do not include bike lanes. According to the sponsor, future local plans include bike lanes on Erie Road, north of Gilson Parkway to connect to Chagrin River Park, a Lake Metropark. Other plans include linkages south to connect Chagrin River Park with Todd Field and Daniels Park, two City parks. The sponsor reports that these linkage locations are not finalized, but Erie Street is a key location for a linkage between all the parks to occur due to river location, steep topography, location of the railroad tracks and the dense amount of industrial development west of Erie Street.

Proposed Project: This project involves reconstruction of Erie Street, from US-20 (Mentor Avenue) to Stevens Boulevard, in Willoughby (location map). The project’s estimated total cost, provided by the sponsor, is $4,312,000. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering preliminary development (PEPD) is $180,000. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering detail design (PEDD) is $432,000. The estimated cost of right-of-way (RW) is $100,000. The PEPD, PEDD and RW costs will be borne by the sponsor. The estimated cost of construction is $3,600,000. The sponsor requests that eighty percent ($2,880,000) of the construction cost be funded with STP funds. The sponsor will provide the non-federal share of construction ($720,000).

Staff Comment (Summary):

Programming Division:
• This project is consistent with NOACA’s Connections+ 2035 Goal #3 (Preserve and Improve the Efficiency of the Transportation System).
• According to the NOACA RPMS, the 2012 PCR for this section of Erie Street ranges from 66 (fair condition) to 91 (very good condition).
• NOACA’s STP funds are programmed through SFY 2019. If these proposed projects are approved, they will be amended to NOACA’s Long Range Transportation Plan.
• Erie Street is categorized on the Lake County Bike Transportation Map as suitable for bicyclists having intermediate skills.
• Erie Street is categorized on the Lake County Bike Transportation Map as suitable for bicyclists having intermediate skills.
• Erie Street is on Regional Priority Bikeway Network.
• Recommend committee and public review in order to obtain comments.

Committee Review:

Transportation Subcommittee:
• No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.

Planning and Programming Committee:
• No comments; recommended for Executive Committee review.

Executive Committee:
• No comments; recommended for Board of Directors' review.  

Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC):

Public Involvement:

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