Install Guardrails along Various County Roads in Lorain County

On April 11, 2014, the NOACA Board of Directors approved the following actions regarding this project: Resolution No. 2014-016 Project Planning Review and Resolution No. 2014-017 Plan and TIP Amendment. The project Planning Review (PPR) and Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC) processes for this project are now complete.

Title: Install Guardrails along Various County Roads in Lorain County
Sponsor: Lorain County Engineer
Name: LOR CR VAR GR FY 2018
PID No.: 95491
Estimated Total Cost: $200,000
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO)

History/Background: In 2006, The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) required that CEAO spend half of its CSTP funds on safety projects, and it was subsequently determined that the County Surface Transportation Program (CSTP) and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds would be administered by CEAO as separate programs. To be eligible for federal HSIP funding a project must correct or improve an identified hazardous road section, intersection, or bridge location or feature or address a highway safety problem.

In November 2012 the CEAO approved the Lorain County Engineer’s application for the use of HSIP funds to upgrade existing guardrail on various county roads in Lorain County. In September 2013, the Lorain County Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 13-795 requesting NOACA to place the project on its Transportation Plan.

Proposed Project: This project involves the replacement of existing and/or defective guardrail at the following locations throughout Lorain County (location map):

• Ward Road (CR-190)
• Gore-Orphanage Road Bridges (No. 1079 and No. 365);
• New London-Eastern Road Bridge (No. 175);
• Griggs Road Bridges (No. 41 and No. 157);
• Jones Road Bridge (No. 933);
• Whitehead Road (CR-48);
• Lake Avenue (CR-204);
• Durkee Road (CR-50);
• Butternut Road Bridge (No. 920); and
• Butternut Ridge Road (CR-12)

The estimated construction cost is $200,000. Construction and construction engineering is being funded with 100% HSIP Funding. The sponsor reports that the project can be designed and ready to construct by April 2014.

Staff Comment (Summary):

Short Range Planning: Project Development and Member Services Team:
• This project is consistent with NOACA’s Connections+ 2035 Goal #3 (Preserve and Improve the Efficiency and Safety of the Transportation System).
• Recommend committee and public review in order to obtain comments.

Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC):

If you are a representative of a governmental entity and would like to comment on this project,
please email us.

Public Involvement:

NOACA encourages comments from the public on this proposed transportation improvement
project. We would appreciate it if you include your city of residence, although it is not required.
The public review period lasts until the Governing Board makes a decision about them. If you
have a comment on this project, please email us.

Committee Review:

Transportation Subcommittee:

• No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.

Planning and Programming Committee:

• No comments; recommended for Executive Committee review.

Executive Committee:

• No comments; recommended for Board of Directors review.

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