On September 13, 2013, the NOACA Board of Directors approved the following regarding this project: Resolution No. 2013-029 Project Planning Review and Resolution No. 2013-030 Plan and TIP Amendment. The project Planning Review (PPR) and Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC) processes for this project are now complete.

Title: Rehabilitate Lorain Avenue in Cleveland
Sponsor: City of Cleveland
Estimated Total Cost: $11,351,366 (preliminary engineering (PE) and construction (C))
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: ODOT, DOPWIC and NOACA

History/Background: In August 2011, the West Park/Lorain Avenue Transportation & Redevelopment Plan was completed. The plan outlined a future for the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood that will direct public investment, private redevelopment and multi-modal transportation initiatives along Lorain Avenue from West 160th Street to the RTA rail lines/Ward19 boundary to the east.

Current Conditions: Lorain Avenue, a four-lane facility, is functionally classified as a principal arterial. The pavement width varies from 52 to 56 feet with 12 foot wide lanes and 15 foot wide lanes. The width of existing right-of-way is 80 feet. The sidewalks vary from 10 to 12 feet wide. The average daily traffic on Lorain Avenue is 15,960 vehicles per day with seven percent trucks (2012). The posted speed limit is 25 mph. The sponsor reports that parking is restricted during peak hours. According to the sponsor, recent and future developments near the area of the planned improvement will result in additional traffic on the street including automobile and, potentially, bicycle traffic. The sponsor reports that the developments include the $9.3 million renovation of the RTA Puritas Rapid Station, the $76 million renovation of Fairview Hospital, the rehabilitation of Lorain Avenue from Kamm's Corners to West 150th Street, and the planned renovation of the Variety Village Theater at West 118th Street and Lorain Avenue. Multi-modal linkages to these attractions from the adjacent communities of Lakewood and Fairview Park will also need to be considered and accommodated.

Proposed Project: The proposed project involves rehabilitating 1.80 miles of Lorain Avenue from West 150th Street to West 117th Street (location map). The improvements include asphalt wearing course removal to the top of brick, 3.5" asphalt overlay, new concrete curbs, new catch basins, Americans with Disabilities (ADA)-compliant ramps, sidewalks, and driveways as necessary, a new 12" waterline from West 127th Street to West 117th Street and new upgraded traffic signals with mast arms and an interconnected system. The sponsor reports the project will also involve streetscape improvements, including decorative crosswalks, streetscape amenities, landscaping enhancements, and public art. Green infrastructure improvements will include the replacement of impervious pavement with tree lawns, porous pavement, and landscaping streetscape elements to reduce storm water flow within the project limits.

The estimated total cost of the project, provided by the sponsor, is $11,351,366. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering preliminary development (PEPD) is $450,000. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering detailed design (PEDD) is $450,000. The construction cost is estimated to be $10,451,366. The sponsor obtained $6,545,956 in funding from the District One Public Works Integrating Committee (DOPWIC). The sponsor reports that DOPWIC will provide design and construction funding for roadway, drainage, traffic signals, and other infrastructure eligible items with the City of Cleveland providing the necessary matching funds through General Obligation bonds and utility funds. The sponsor also obtained $1,440,000 in Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Urban Paving funds for roadway resurfacing eligible items. The sponsor will provide $2,165,410 in required matching funds through General Obligation bonds and utility funds.

The sponsor requests $1,200,000 in Transportation Alternative (TA) funds for the streetscape items, including decorative crosswalks and sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, furnishings and other amenities as itemized in the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) reports by City Architecture dated August 2011.

Staff Comment (Summary):

Short Range Planning: Project Development and Member Services Team

  • There were 445 crashes during 2009 - 2011 along Lorain Avenue between West 150th Street and West 117th Street. The crashes included two fatal and 128 injury crashes.
  • The crashes included 10 pedestrian crashes and 15 pedal cycle crashes.
  • The crash rate is 17.05 crashes/MVM and the severity Index is 1.62
  • Based on the above, and on a detailed study of the contributing factors for those crashes, safety countermeasures and traffic calming measures should be included to ensure the safety of all road users.
  • This project is consistent with NOACA’s Connections+ 2035 Goals #3 (Preserve and Improve the Efficiency of the Transportation System), # 7 (Reinvestment in the Urban Core) and # 10 (Foster Improvement in the Quality of Life).
  • Lorain Avenue is categorized on the Cuyahoga County Bike Transportation Map as suitable only for experienced bicyclists.
  • The sponsor should review the cost estimate at significant review stages of project design development.
  • Recommend committee and public review in order to obtain comments.

Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC):

If you are a representative of a governmental entity and would like to comment on this project, please email us.

ODOT District 12:
"ODOT District 12 supports the continued development of this project."

Public Involvement:

NOACA encourages comments from the public on this proposed transportation improvement project. We would appreciate it if you include your city of residence, although it is not required. The public review period lasts until the Governing Board makes a decision about them.

Committee Review:

Regional Transportation Investment Subcommittee (RTIS) / Transportation Subcommittee: 

  • No comments; recommended for amendment to NOACA’s Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council:

  • The road segment is included in the 2013 Regional Priority Bikeway Network. Therefore, the project sponsor should include safe and comfortable accommodations for beginner and experienced bicyclists.
    The road segment, along with most of Lorain Ave. throughout the cities of Cleveland and Fairview Park, was included in the top 20 list of high crash corridors in the 2013 Regional Bicycle Plan.
    There have been many recent and ongoing investments, both planning and infrastructure, concerned with the multimodal transportation accommodations of Lorain Ave., including the Lorain Ave. Pedestrian Plan TLCI, Launch Lorain, and the recently completely shared use path on the Lorain-Carnegie bridge.
    Once all the work included in the scope of this project is complete, it is likely that there will not be a convenient opportunity to change the roadway to better accommodate the multimodal traffic that it currently handles.
  • The project sponsor should incorporate bicycle lanes into the scope of the project. This could be made possible by eliminating or reducing the width of through lanes, limited parking to one side of the street, and/or reducing sidewalk widths where possible.

Transit Council:

  • The Transit Council supports this project. It will further develop an environment that is responsive to the needs of many modes of travel, not just vehicular, and includes a number of transit-supportive elements.
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