Revised June 14, 2002 via Governing Board resolution 2002-042
Revisions to original goals are in italics

Goal 1: Advance the region’s economic competitiveness based upon a sustainable development approach integrating environmental, social equity and economic perspectives.

Goal 2: Enhance the natural environment and ecology of the region by improving air, land and water quality, conserving transportation energy and by identifying and preserving existing critical natural resources and environmentally sensitive areas.

Goal 3: Preserve and improve the efficiency and safety of the existing transportation system, prioritize elements of the system identified as significant and ensure the system serves homeland security.

Goal 4: Establish a more balanced transportation system which enhances modal choices by prioritizing goods movement, transit, pedestrian and bicycle travel instead of just single occupancy vehicle movement and highways.

Goal 5: Improve the transportation mobility of the transit-dependent and low-income individuals to jobs, housing and other trip purposes.

Goal 6: Provide additional transportation system capacity to move people and goods only when such capacity improvements promote the NOACA Principles, minimizing the adverse impacts of the investments on existing communities within the region.

Goal 7: Foster reinvestment in existing urban core areas throughout the region, and work to target and manage transportation investments to implement Plan goals.

Goal 8: Foster intergovernmental and private sector relationships to strengthen the regional community and assist in Plan implementation.

Goal 9: Direct the Plan and its investments toward efficient, compact land use development/redevelopment that facilitates accessibility, saves infrastructure costs, preserves and enhances farmland, forests and open space and enhances the economic viability of existing communities within the region.

Goal 10: Foster improvement in the quality of life of residents in the region through attention to aesthetics in the planning of the transportation system.
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